CATTLEMEN’S® brand is the #1-selling foodservice barbecue sauce in the nation! Only #1 quality ingredients are used in producing this top-selling sauce. CATTLEMEN’S® Sauces can be used “as is,” or as a base. No starches, gums, fillers or artificial colors with CATTLEMEN’S®. How do we produce such consistent flavor with such broad appeal? For one thing, every batch of CATTLEMEN’S® is tested 192 times for perfection.

CATTLEMEN'S® Barbecue Sauces use only rich, dense tomato paste with 26% tomato solids, unlike other brands that are made with tomato puree, which is watered down and contains as little as 8% tomato solids.

Unlike most other brands, CATTLEMEN'S® contains no starches or fillers for naturally thick barbecue sauce that seals in the flavor and resists skinning over.

Advantage CATTLEMEN’S®

  • Proven leader in foodservice
  • High tomato solids
  • All natural product
  • Flavor for all regions
  • Supply source to produce large volumes
  • Great brand with which to partner