Since 1880, the FRENCH’S® name has stood as a symbol of excellence in food processing. Today, the FRENCH’S pennant is one of the most recognized brand logos in America with 98% brand recognition! Our demand for excellence has earned us the reputation as a leader, and is directly linked to our 100-plus years of growth and experience.

French’s Flavor Ingredients provides a variety of products and services to food manufacturers. Thanks to our experience and our expertise, food manufacturers and meat and poultry processors have come to depend on us for a host of unique flavors.

Our strength in the marketplace is further evidenced by the fact that Americans reach for our products more than four billion times a year! This universal acceptance of our flavor ingredients has made FRENCH’S® Mustard America’s best-loved, best-selling mustard brand! It’s made our CATTLEMEN’S® Barbecue Sauce America’s #1-selling foodservice barbecue sauce. And, since being used to create the very first “Buffalo Wings,” our FRANK’S® Original RedHot® Cayenne Pepper Sauce has gone on to become America’s #1 back-of-the-house hot sauce in restaurants across the country.

Thanks to our leadership in these and other product categories, French’s Flavor Ingredients is able to offer you flavor ingredients — in wet and dry forms — already market proven, endorsed by mainstream America, and packaged in bulk to meet your particular processing needs.